140th Commemorative Parish Yearbook

140th Commemorative Parish Yearbook

Update: Life Touch Photo Days

We would like to thank our parishioners who have taken their parish photo for our 140th Commemorative Parish Yearbook. If you haven’t done so, you still have a chance to make an appointment to have your photos taken!

Click here to make an appointment now! [All appointments are currently closed! Please stay tuned for publication announcements. Thank you for participating!]

If you do not have access to a computer, please call Peggy Horyza 408‐687‐0815 and make an appointment.

About the Parish Yearbook

Have you heard, St. John the Baptist Parish is creating our 140th Parish Family Photo Directory? The traditions of a Parish Family Directory began 40 years ago at St. John’s 100th Anniversary. We were a small parish at the time. Our parish school was just a dream. Now our 140th Parish directory will tell the history of St. John’s and believe it or not each family is an important part of our parish/school history. We invite you to show your pride in our parish/ school and be part of this wonderful St. John’s family tradition.

This project begins with everyone who is a part of St. John’s Parish/School Families supporting this project. We are asking you to take an hour of you time to have your family photographed. You will view the photos right after the photo is taken and receive a free 8” X 10” photo. If you would like to order photos you can do so at that time. You will receive the photo about two weeks after the photo session, which means you will have your family photo in time to share as Christmas card or gifts.

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